BOLD stands for Bank Operation & Loan Development.  BOLD has earned a reputation of excellence in both consultation to Lenders and working with Borrowers. In fact, the majority of our customers have been referred to us by other very satisfied clients.  BOLD’s mission is something not often considered in the lending arena: quality workmanship.

BOLD is in the business of making dreams come true for Borrowers through government guaranteed loans and other types of financing. To do so we prepare and package loans for presentation to lenders.

BOLD is equally in the business of making lenders feel safe about their business loans by providing security for their portfolio and enhancements to their internal processes.


BOLD offers an array of services for both Lenders and Borrowers.

 For Lenders we screen loan candidates, separating facts from fiction, and provide the services necessary to secure and maintain a government guarantee.

 For Borrowers we offer an array of services necessary to prepare them to receive financing.  Additionally we match Borrowers with the most suitable lender and loan program, whether government guaranteed, conventional, or alternative financing.

 For the Government we make sure, as best we can, that everybody is telling the truth and that government policies are followed faithfully, prudently, and legally.


BOLD has an staff of contract employees that includes former bank presidents, chief credit officers, and high level government personnel. For Lenders this means that virtually any lending service can be provided including, underwriting, processing, packaging, marketing, servicing, planning, and auditing.

For Borrowers BOLD has an extensive network of Lenders to work with, each with their own niches and specialties, to further the likelihood of their project getting funded and at the best terms available.  The programs we work with include SBA, USDA, CA State Guarantee, Non-Profit Funds, Conventional, FinTech, Factors, and Specialty Lenders (such as Restaurant or Hospitality Lenders).

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